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Soul De-tox

I am sitting here drinking my after-dinner detox tea. I also call it my “hippie” tea. It’s got burdock root and dandelion fuzz and probably some sort of ground-up insect. It’s not terrible tasting if you put enough honey and lemon in it, and it obviously does what it’s supposed to do.  This stuff is good- it helps my liver and kidneys clean out all the toxins that build up in my body that keep things from working as well as they should.

With each sip I’m reflecting proudly on this good thing I am doing for my body. But I am also thinking about how I wish that there was a fix for detoxing my spirit that were as easy as sipping a cup of tea.


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Second Breakfast


For several years, my Daddy and I had summers off together. He was living the dream of his last career as a paraprofessional at Perry Middle School, and I was working in various positions in the Christian School ministry field.  Every morning, he would get up early with Mama. They would have coffee, read the paper, and she would fix a bowl of grits or oatmeal for their breakfast. Then she would go to work.

By the time I got up, Daddy would have brewed a second pot of coffee and would have started working his way through it. Some days I would get up and he would be in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Some days he would be sitting on the porch with his coffee. And some days, he would have gone to town.

Wherever I might have found him on those balmy summer mornings, our ritual was always the same. Because, you see, these were the seasons of The Second Breakfast. Continue reading “Second Breakfast”



Recently I discovered a Facebook group of fellow Hashimoto’s sufferers. I have been reading with heavy heart the posts from people who are trying to figure out their bodies in light of all of the havoc that this disease introduces. So much frustration, desperation, determination, and defeat tinged with sweet, and sometimes too brief, moments of success. Continue reading “Inside-Out”



This morning, Fiona Fred had a little potty accident. Now, look at that word, “little.” That is a relative word. It is used when comparing things. This morning’s “little” potty accident is little in relation to, say a buffalo coming into the house and having a potty accident. Continue reading “Cat-Poop-Astrope”

Find Your Laugh


My friend Ashley has the greatest laugh I’ve ever heard! She has an infectious laugh filled with exuberance and bursting at the seams with pure delight. Now, her laugh is also pretty loud. Our friend Adam chides her for that and I sometimes want to punch him when he does because laughter is such a necessary thing in this life. And also, I really love her laugh! Continue reading “Find Your Laugh”

Writing Your Life’s Story


One day we will blink and this life we know will be over.

While we still have a chance, let’s love with a pure heart, because only a pure heart can break through the darkness in our world.

Let’s laugh with the joy and gladness that comes from lasting goodness, and not merely passing fancy.

Let’s give with a generous hand that is always opened wide to let go of the temporary and make room for the eternal.

Let’s: Cry with the bereaved and broken…feed the hungry…soothe the troubled soul.

Let’s write our stories on the moments we have, and imprint our pages on the lives of those who will come behind us.

Take Your Medicine


Autoimmune disease often comes with the nasty little issue we like to call “chronic pain.” Man, do I hate that stuff. About three years ago, I discovered a treatment for autoimmune disease that is rarely prescribed. Continue reading “Take Your Medicine”

What’s so good about it?

So how was your day today? Stressful? Brutally busy and overwhelming? Did you have to stop at some point and catch your breath? Or was breathing a luxury for you today? Continue reading “What’s so good about it?”

The Cost of Friendship

Maybe I’m too nice, but somehow I agreed to knit a blanket for a friend. Let’s stop right here and clear something up. My blanket queue is full, so please don’t ask me to make one for you- because I’m too nice and I will feel depths of guilt you can’t imagine until I do it.   Now, let’s move on with the story.

After many months, I’m finally on my last ball of yarn. This afternoon, as I got about twenty stitches into a line, my favorite circular needles (bamboo, 10.5, 40 inch) broke. As you can see below, the wire pulled right out of the end.

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